Presidential Candidates and the Vaccine


4 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates and the Vaccine

  1. I think I know the truth about the COVID vaccine. Trump does and Biden doesn’t.

    Quite honestly there are other issues on voters minds such as immigration and inflation.

    1. It’s hard to figure, Fred, whether this issue will rise to the surface during the campaign, and how it might affect things– particularly with RFK Jr. in the race. If he is permitted to take part in any debates that take place, it might be interesting…

  2. Trump doesn’t seem to know the truth about the toxic jab. Some of the blame rests with him and his “operation warp speed” and his turning the government over to the DeepState (after 3.5 years of them lying to him). Fauci-funded virus and death jab are the crime of the century. The harms done by the Plandemic are legion. The money transferred to the ruling class immeasurable. Unchastened, you don’t think they’ll do it again?

    Thanks for posting the courageous McCullough!

    1. Healey, I think he knows the truth at this point, but it seems he does not want to publicly acknowledge it. Perhaps this is a face-saving measure. He probably felt he had to trust the public health apparatus, but they showed they cannot be trusted. And the fact that the truth about the vaccine was hidden from him is criminal, as you say.

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