John Podesta’s Actions to Sabotage the Catholic Church

Podesta is a long-term democratic socialist operative and a heavy hitter. He was exposed during the WikiLeaks scandal nearly a decade ago. But Biden just appointed him to be his Climate Czar after John Kerry resigned.

An interesting article exposes his machinations to undermine and sabotage the Catholic Church:

(E)mails released by WikiLeaks show Podesta “created” left-wing organizations to redefine doctrine and “plant the seeds of revolution” inside the Roman Catholic Church…

Podesta created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a bogus lay Catholic entity. He did so with the express purpose of mobilizing Catholics to challenge the Catholic hierarchy, forcing changes that advance the left-wing agenda.”…

Podesta’s overall character and hostility to traditional Christian teachings make him a dangerous hire for people of faith, said Donohue.


2 thoughts on “John Podesta’s Actions to Sabotage the Catholic Church

  1. Podesta’s new position is risible. He won’t harm the Catholic church any more than Pope Francis. The green new deal is a joke to anyone paying attention.

    1. Of course, Fred, the green new deal and climate agenda are ridiculous but for the fact that it is hurting a lot of people– and carried out to its extreme, will hurt many more people much more severely.

      It is sobering to think that there are folks like Podesta eager to undermine the few conservative denominations that remain.

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