Pastor Ronnie Rogers on Social Justice and the Church

Rogers is the long-serving pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma; and has been a leader within the Southern Baptist Convention. He states the following in the book, “Christianity and American Culture Today”:

(…You) should never equate social justice with God’s justice, as revealed in Scripture, because social justice is based on man, an erroneous definition of racism, a forced transfer of power and wealth, and materialistic cultural Marxism, and it is, therefore, in fundamental opposition to biblical justice...

We should always keep foremost in our minds that the overthrow of America includes banning Christianity and the spreading of the gospel. The co-founder of cultural Marxism, Antonio Gramsci, said, “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity… In the new order, socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society”

Regrettably, I see white guilt in some of the Southern Baptist Convention leadership as well when they emphasize color-based selection rather than merit-based…

Marxism cannot take over a strong, knowledgeable, moral, spiritual and patriotic country. Those churches who have forsaken “Thus says the Lord” for beliefs and rhetoric that are more suitable for a plasticware party, or that even trumpet the message of woke socialistic justice have contributed to America’s vulnerability to Marxism.


2 thoughts on “Pastor Ronnie Rogers on Social Justice and the Church

  1. There will always be advocates of socialism but it has never worked where it has been tried. If America is in peril , it will be because we let down our guard. Thus it is men like Ronnie Rogers who are alerting us to the dangers of social justice that stand as a bulwark against the moral decay.

    1. “Social justice” can be so seductive, Fred, because it sounds so “nice”. But Rogers wrote an entire chapter in this book that demonstrated in vivid detail the problems and the dangers. We need more pastors who are willing to teach their respective flocks about such matters.

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