Notes On A Presidential Primary Season

Just a few random thoughts as the presidential primary season gets underway:

  1. It is easy to forget that Joe Biden four years ago lost both the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. It was the fateful influence of Congressman Jim Clyburn in South Carolina’s primary that enabled him to win there and ultimately secure the nomination. Clyburn is a black democratic socialist congressman from the 6th Congressional District in South Carolina. You can learn more about that district here, which comprises a fair chunk of the eastern one-half of the state. But the key point is that this district is 49% black. It was that district– and that particular congressman– that set us down this awful path. The fact that Hunter Biden behaved as he did yesterday at the contempt-of-Congress hearing proves they feel they are exempt from accountability. They know they will not face consequences. And you can blame Jim Clyburn and South Carolina’s 6th district.
  2. Yesterday, I watched a program that exulted over the fact that Donald Trump is “polling above the margin of fraud”. What does this mean? It means the percentages of support he is attaining in the polls above Joe Biden is more than the percentage of votes we can expect due to the socialists’ election fraud. This can be a false sense of security, however. Why? A few reasons. First, Republicans have been underperforming at election time compared with whatever the polls were predicting. Second, the socialists using certain fraud techniques can “inject” as many votes as they need to win. Third, the socialists turn out their legitimate voters better than Republicans.
  3. Trump is now critical of efforts in some states to tighten abortion restrictions after having delivered the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court. This illustrates the double edged nature of Trump’s leadership– very good on some issues, bad on some others.
  4. The Iowa caucuses occur on Monday. The weather that day in Des Moines will not get above 0 degrees. The high will be minus 3, and the low will be minus 14. And that does not take into account wind chill factors, so it will seem even colder. How will this affect the GOP primary? I don’t know which candidate will have the most determined supporters. Trump leads by a wide margin in the polls; DeSantis has the support of the governor and a key political figure there among Christian conservatives– Bob Vander Plaats; and Haley is supposed to be surging somewhat. We shall see.

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