“Migrants” Attitudes Toward Rape

Update: In the comments, JayCee provides a link for North Carolina data.

When the media/left complex uses the word “migrants”, they are referring to illegal immigrants.

In any case, over the last decade there have been numerous reports of rapes and sexual assaults in Britain, Germany and Sweden, among other European countries. It almost always involves these “migrants” attacking girls and young women from Europe. Here in the western hemisphere, we have seen numerous reports of rapes among “migrants” on the way to the United States. They tend to travel and get warehoused in large packs. Our elites in Europe and the United States apparently regard all of these rapes and sexual assaults as acceptable.

In any case, here is an example of how “migrants” feel about the rapes they commit:


4 thoughts on ““Migrants” Attitudes Toward Rape

  1. These rapists have no moral values or conscience. They are evil . Period.

    Thanks JayCee for that link to NC Fire Shocking.

    TC: For your information Representative Destin Hall introduced House Bill 10 that says that Woke Sheriffs are putting North Carolinians in harm’s way. Here is a video he made in support of that bill. It passed the House but is stalled in the Senate rules committee.


    1. The bill would force county Sheriff’s to report those arrested and jailed to ICE. I think it’s a great idea. You might remember, Fred, that even BJ Barnes refrained from doing this when he served as Guilford County Sheriff.

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