Ramaswamy: Trump Was Duped

New American:

Ramawsamy argued that Trump was deceived by the Deep State, which resulted in Trump’s agenda being sabotaged while in office.

“I think it takes two things to actually get this right. One is an outsider who can break the system when necessary. I bring that, Trump brings that, too. But it also takes an outsider who knows and deeply understands the law and the Constitution of this country. I think in many ways, this managerial class in the swamp, they duped Donald Trump,” Ramaswamy said, adding, “They duped Trump in a way that they won’t be duping me.”

Is he right? Was Trump duped, or was he making choices he thought would make his re-election more likely?


6 thoughts on “Ramaswamy: Trump Was Duped

  1. Quite frankly I don’t know if Trump was duped as Ramaswamy suggests. Not very specific. Besides it is politics where things are moving fast and the next charge or counter charge pops up and others are forgotten.

  2. Gee, after being lied to for 3.5 years by the DeepState, Trump turns the government over to the king of the DeepState Fauci! Half of the Plandemic madness is on him, before Biden turned up the wick.

    Trump did or tried to do some good things, but look at his appointments: Christopher Wray, Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Mike Pompeo (who ordered the murder of Assange), Kavanaugh, Michael Cohen, Michael Bolton. He isn’t hard to dupe.

    1. These are valid criticisms, Healey. While we can provide seeming rationalizations for some of his choices, he ultimately bears responsibility.

      I hope he makes better personnel choices if he is elected again.

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