Greensboro’s Record Murder Rate And The Intellectually Dishonest Messaging

An article on the News and Record website this morning discusses the fact that we set a new record for murders in Greensboro during 2023. We had 74 homicides– twelve more than the previous record set during 2020.

The article includes several statements that justify examination. Here is a sampling:

Even as new recruits join (the police department), city officials and community leaders have said the dramatic increase in homicides isn’t something the community can “police its way out of”…

“We have to find ways to invest in each other. We’ve got to connect and get back to basics”…

The responsibility of reducing violence, she said, doesn’t fall just upon law enforcement or the court system…

“(P)olice can’t be the only ones trying to reduce and prevent violence”…

Residents are being asked to respect and protect one another.

This all amounts to a huge pile of psychobabble. The statements aim to avoid accountability for the real culprits behind the spike in homicide numbers. They aim to avoid the real solutions.

First, we need to be straightforward regarding the contribution of rampant illegitimacy and fatherlessness– which is at epidemic levels in the black community but also affects other races. Parental irresponsibility and sexual irresponsibility are a major cause of these numbers in Greensboro. This is a cultural problem few are willing to confront… but we must.

Second, the undermining of police has taken a huge toll. But also, there is an unwillingness to acknowledge that aggressive policing using proactive techniques can drive these numbers down dramatically. We just choose not to do these things because of racial identity group politics.

Greensboro is “murder alley” in the state of North Carolina. That is because we have terrible political leadership, and a population that ignores– indeed, that repudiates– God’s plan for sexuality, reproduction and the family.


6 thoughts on “Greensboro’s Record Murder Rate And The Intellectually Dishonest Messaging

  1. TC: All you say is spot on. The police department needs to implement a “broken windows ” approach to fighting crime.

    1. “Broken windows” works, Fred. And other helpful strategies can also be used together with “Broken Windows” also. But there has to be a will and a desire to do these things; and also consistent, reliable political support. Greensboro has none of these things.

  2. In 2020 the City Council gave sitting council member Yvonne Johnson $500,000 to “Cure Violence.”
    Murders that year reached an astronomical 62.
    This year Council gave Johnson ANOTHER $500,000.
    Homicides soared over 15% to 74.
    The more money Johnson gets the more people are murdered.
    For Pete’s sake, quit giving her money before we’re all killed!

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