Fringe Benefits For Illegal Immigrants

When all four of my grandparents came to the United States from southern Italy, immigrants were expected to make their own way. They might have had some assistance from family or mutual aid societies or the church. But they were expected to work and become economically self-sufficient right away; and their passage was not provided by the government.

Contrast that with what is occurring today. For many years, illegals have waltzed into hospital ER’s for free care. Welfare benefits of various kinds are lavished upon them. And now, check this out:


4 thoughts on “Fringe Benefits For Illegal Immigrants

  1. What the sheriff says is shocking. Biden’s welcome mat and these incentives are inviting the world to our open border.

    Nothing better typifies this than California. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers agreed in 2022 to provide health care access to all low-income adults regardless of their immigration status through the state’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal. The expansion will eventually cost the state about $3.1 billion per year.

    Ouch !

    1. This is not merely wrong-headed, Fred. It is detestable. Biden and Newsom are effectively waging war on the historic American people by promoting this invasion. I wish there was effective opposition.

  2. I did a quick search about these high dollar cards and all the left leaning rags along with snopes dispute it, so you know it must be true!

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