4 thoughts on “Sound Money

  1. His ideas, ( some of which are sound ) aside , thus far he is only one state’s ballot (Utah ). He has to get 10,000 signatures in each of the remaining 49. I would hope if he does surmount that hurdle that he would draw votes away from Biden.

    1. I would assume he has lots of money, Fred, and therefore will ultimately be able to purchase ballot access in the vast majority of states. (Although I may be wrong about that– we shall see). Signatures are often purchased by using paid signature gatherers.

      I am not saying he should be president. But he does have good ideas in several areas.

  2. It is a good idea.

    I think Vivek and DeSantis have both asserted that they would explicitly outlaw CBDC, which is extremely important to do before the US gets into another deep recession. Central bank digital currency is assumed to need Congressional authorization to the Fed to be done, but when the chips are down, people in government don’t’ give a sh-t [to use the technical term] about law if there is any wiggle room at all. CBDC will be the final nail in the coffin for any residue of freedom in the US.

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