Understanding the Impact of the 1960’s

I am just old enough to remember what America was like before the cultural changes brought by the 1960’s. And I can state without equivocation that it was a MUCH better place overall.

Jack Posobiec and his guest– Blake Neff– discuss the revolutionary changes precipitated during that decade. Among other things, there was a complete rejection of the moral code that had previously existed; and the institutions upon which we relied were upended. While sin has plagued the human heart ever since the time of Adam and Eve, the 1960’s represented a complete and utter rejection of those forces that tended to restrain our most sinful impulses. But the decade created other messes also.

The discussion is a full hour, in several segments. Check it out if it piques your interest, but I would recommend starting at the 2:00 mark:


2 thoughts on “Understanding the Impact of the 1960’s

  1. TC: well I am old enough to remember vividly the 60’s . I was there . I entered Chapel Hill in 1956 and graduated in 1962, eventually starting a career in law enforcement . I recall seeing the free speech movement in action on the Mario Savio steps of Sproul Hall at UC Berkley.

    Funny thing I was working undercover at Austin Peay U. and made a purchase of marijuana from a hippie there. His name was Raymond Luc Levasseur. He did time for that.

    He was already radicalized but finally went full blown . Levasseur became leader of the United Freedom Front, a militant Marxist organization that conducted a series of bombings and bank robberies throughout the United States from 1976 to 1984. During his crime spree he shot and killed a New Jersey State trooper.

    He was on the FBI 10 most wanted list . He was arrested in 1984 and received 45 years imprisonment .

    Yes the 60’s were turbulent times.

    I watched all of the video and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. I think younger people, Fred, can have no idea what a dramatic change that decade brought. The difference was on the level of night and day. Unfortunately, it was almost none of it that turned out to be a positive change. And we have paid the price in various ways ever since. It sounds like you dealt with some of it firsthand.

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