Revolutions Gone Bad

Given the fact that we are in the midst of a color revolution/ cultural revolution in the United States over the last decade or so, it is useful to recount what happened during other revolutions in the past. The following video discusses the Spanish Civil War, the Bolshevik Revolution and the French Revolution. Generalissimo Francisco Franco for many years was denigrated by the media/left complex, but they somehow forgot to tell us that he saved Spain from communism at that time. Franco was the good guy:


2 thoughts on “Revolutions Gone Bad

  1. TC: I have been to Spain 3 times , the last being 2009. During that 2009 trip I was able to visit Valle de Cuelgamuros ( Valley of the Fallen ) which Francisco Franco built as a monument where and where he was buried ( until 2019 ) I saw his tomb. I have done a lot of reading on the Spanish Civil War. What piqued my interest in this subject was an article by Jeffrey Hart published an article in the National Review on “The Guernica fraud” (1973).

    What Posobiec said is right on.

    1. Of course, this was many years ago, Fred. But the media used to refer to Franco as a right wing dictator, and ignored the circumstances that led to his gaining power. And as the video relates, some glamorized the other side– i.e., the communist side. Franco’s leadership was staunchly Catholic, and they hated that, but they loved communism.

      And of course, Franco became the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live during the 1970’s because of the manner in which he died. That is, he had a very gradual, slow death during which he was severely incapacitated for a prolonged period of time. After he died, the comedians on the show repeatedly joked that we was “still dead”.

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