Reporters Refused Entry Into Greensboro Immigrant Facility

The North State Journal has a good story outlining an attempt by its reporters to enter the grounds of the former American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro and to get information.

In a nutshell, the guards slammed the gate in their faces (metaphorically).

The facility was supposed to be operational by this time. But no illegal immigrants are there as of yet. Nonetheless, you can be sure that certain parties are enjoying financial gain due to this project– including the folks who ran and controlled the Hebrew Academy as well as a certain former federal Customs and Enforcement agent who happens to have been part of the Biden-Harris transition team.

This is a filthy project at a facility that happens to be visually beautiful. The North State Journal article outlines some of the lies and deception that have already been employed by federal officials.

If we had a city government and a state government that were truly looking out for their citizens and enforcing right vs. wrong, they would have taken action to block this facility. But we are now in limbo as we await the federal government’s next moves.


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