The Federal Reserve Tilting The Election Toward the Socialists

There are many forces in our society that act to tilt elections toward the socialists– the mainstream media, the powerful tech industry, monied oligarchs, those engineering or committing election fraud, etc. But one particular force doesn’t get mentioned very often in this regard– the Federal Reserve or “the Fed”.

Everyone had been expecting that the Federal Reserve would not be cutting interest rates any time soon. After all, inflation has not yet been beaten. It has moderated somewhat, but it has not returned to its historical norms. The Fed ordinarily will raise interest rates in order to beat inflation.

What happened last week? The Fed left interest rate unchanged as of now; but it also communicated that it projects several interest rate cuts next year. That is right– they are planning to cut interest rates even though inflation still rages.

Why would they do this? The Establishment is panicking in various ways because Trump is ascendant in the polls, and Biden looks weak. They are trying to help Biden or whoever his replacement turns out to be. If the Fed cuts interest rates, that will benefit the stock market and the overall economy; and the incumbent president/ party gets credit. It helps them politically.

Politics is a filthy game; and there are many players.


4 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve Tilting The Election Toward the Socialists

  1. There is little doubt that the Fed is trying to help Biden

    One risk might be if the Fed proceeds to slash interest rates before inflation was well and truly vanquished.

    If they do end up cutting pre-emptively . . . they’re risking a reacceleration in inflation and then an eventual recession as a result of that because they are going to have to hike [again],

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