The Fall of Minneapolis

The year 2020 was marked by falsehood. The degree of evil seen within the corrupt media, within the democratic socialist coalition and within government reached an apogee.

During the last couple of weeks, a remarkable documentary was released about the George Floyd matter. In a nutshell, the facts are much different than what was sold to the public. The amount of falsehood that was perpetrated was brazen.

The documentary can be watched in full online here. Warning: there is some profanity, and the content is disturbing at times.

You can’t watch this documentary and fail to grasp the level of wrongdoing by those who made several police officers their sacrificial lambs. These folks have been loathing police and outright lying for many years; but it has now hurt the country in a fundamental way.


2 thoughts on “The Fall of Minneapolis

    1. That was a fascinating discussion, Fred. Loury is a black conservative and McWhorter is a black moderate. I have read some of both of their work over the years. Loury’s point at around the 43:00 mark really resonates– the fact that we have NUMEROUS George Floyd’s around the country creating a huge problem for other people because they manage their lives very poorly in various ways. We certainly have had similar characters in Greensboro. Loury argues that we have to acknowledge and deal with that issue.

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