The More We Learn About January 6, 2021…

Ramaswamy has an interesting discussion with a black female CNN lefty, who repeatedly tried to interrupt him:

And Congressman Clay Higgins has been working on the matter of January 6, 2021. He had an extended interview with Lara Logan, a small portion of which is seen below:

I believe he knows more than he is telling us in this excerpt. Unfortunately, we have learned that we cannot trust the federal government or our national security agencies.


4 thoughts on “The More We Learn About January 6, 2021…

  1. TC: I watched the extended version of Lara Logan’s interview of Congressman Higgins. There is ample reason to investigate his claims. It may not be as fast as some would wish but I am confident come January 20, 2025 the curtain will be drawn back and the world will see the rot..

    That CNN interviewer was rude and the crowd seemed to be with Ramaswamy.

    1. I agree, Fred. This situation looks like a de facto conspiracy to me– a conspiracy between Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, the US Senate establishment players, the FBI, the DOJ, the federal courts in DC, the federal Bureau of Prisons and perhaps others.

      1. I think you are right, although I suspect only a minority of the Capitol Police were in on it. Many of them commented that they were set up, and their Chief resigned and said they were undermined severely in such a way as to imply purposeful sabotage by those above.

        Thanks for posting these links.

        1. Healey, I felt from the beginning that there was some level of orchestration involved; but at that point we could scarcely imagine how multifaceted and how pervasive it was. Thanks for your clarification.

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