Southern Baptist Convention Asks Congress To Grant Amnesty To Illegal Immigrants

Referring to a letter sent to Congress that the Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) co-signed, the Dissenter provides the details:

The letter, again, signed by the ERLC and others, endorses of the Dignity Act of 2023 which allows for amnesty. This Act, under the superficially noble guise of helping undocumented aliens illegally in the United States, is to incentivize further immigration, exacerbating the challenges of mass immigration. This act, which was introduced by Senator Cory A. Booker, “grants legal status to undocumented immigrants already living in the United States with the possibility of earning citizenship, establishes new pathways for asylum seekers, and creates new legal pathways for economic migrants and unaccompanied minors.”

One common justification for mass immigration is its potential as an evangelistic opportunity. However, this argument is fundamentally flawed. Scripture calls Christians to “go out” into the nations, not to invert this mandate by bringing the nations to our doorstep. More importantly, the destabilization caused by unchecked immigration risks creating a culture increasingly hostile to Christianity, thereby hindering evangelism.

The subtle shift towards amnesty, spearheaded by the ERLC under the influence of bad actors through the EIT, should be a matter of grave concern. It is imperative for Southern Baptists and the broader evangelical community to recognize these attempts to undermine the will of Southern Baptists for what they are—a concerted effort to reshape the evangelical stance on immigration.


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  1. Southern Baptists should stand their ground against this mischief.

    No worries, Corey and Pramila Jayapal’s bill is DOA just as it was last congress.

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