Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility Not Yet Open

An interesting article at Carolina Journal reveals that the facility for illegal immigrants at the old American Hebrew Academy campus is not yet operating. There are no illegals on the site according to the report.

There had been some question as to what was going on at the property. It was already supposed to be open as of August; and some citizens had visualized from afar numerous vehicles on the campus from the outside. It is difficult to know what is happening there, however, because the campus is gated with security; and there has been scant reporting.

The article outlines the complex web of financial and business relationships that surround this entire transformation from a Jewish boarding school to an illegal immigrant facility. It turns out that a former federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official is “cashing in” by running businesses that will handle operations at the site.

This facility has turned out to be a huge pox on our community.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility Not Yet Open

  1. This is getting curiouser and curiouser . I hope Dan Bishop and his colleagues will get to the bottom of it and make criminal referrals where appropriate. The swamp is vast and wide.

    1. You know, Fred, that it takes government much longer to get things done than the private sector. Many people have been wondering if it has truly been operating. But I really think we ought to be able to count on our state government and city government to block this type of thing when it arises. I know that is not terribly likely in Greensboro given the fact this is a socialist/ cultural Marxist city. But the state really ought to take action.

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