Tillis on Ukraine, NC Gubernatorial Race

Our esteemed GOP US Senator, Thom Tillis, has been throwing his weight around a bit.

First, a US Senator from Ohio who happens to be more conservative than Tillis, and much better overall, is JD Vance. Vance had justifiably made some comments opposing additional aid for Ukraine, and raising concerns about where the monies previously sent had gone. Tillis reacted in a vulgar, wildly inappropriate fashion reflecting his anger with Vance’s comments. But in reality, this was also an establishment player broadcasting his disagreement with conservative policy.

Second, Tillis threw his endorsement behind Bill Graham who is seeking the GOP nomination for governor of North Carolina. Graham is a businessman with a lot of money but no political experience. He has some effective TV ads that have increased his standings in the polls.

The fact that Tillis supports him makes his candidacy suspect. It elevates my concerns about Graham dramatically. It is quite common for national establishment money to sway gubernatorial races– and that is why many red southern states get stuck with such weak Republican governors.

It is clear that if Tillis supports Graham, we need to look elsewhere. And if he doesn’t like what Vance says, we need to give it at least some level of credence.


4 thoughts on “Tillis on Ukraine, NC Gubernatorial Race

  1. Vance is right. Aid to Ukraine as been squandered and questions need to me ask and answered . Tillis’s position is weak and when you are cornered you pull the BS card.

    As for Graham , if I were still in NC I wouldn’t be voting for him.

    1. Fred, my understanding is that Vance is on Trump’s VP list. I think his heart is in the right place, unlike Tillis.

      With respect to Graham, Tillis might have done us a service, in some respects, by helping us understand better who this fellow is.

  2. Triad and Fred, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Tillis is a Swamp creature; he does not value limited government and individual freedom.

    1. Healey, it is a pretty sad commentary when we feel we it is best to adopt the opposite position of that embraced by our GOP senator. But that would get us to the right answer more than half the time.

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