Outstanding Presentation on the Abortion Pill

Below you will find a half-hour presentation by Dr. Ingrid Skop, an OB-GYN specialist, on the topic of the abortion pill(s). It is an eye-opening talk with many details about the hazards associated with chemical abortions.

This is a huge problem because chemical abortions now constitute a large percentage of all abortions performed. Compounding this issue is the fact that these pills are being prescribed by mail order, over the internet and via telemedicine– across state lines.

Dr. Skop also discusses toward the end of the talk the overall topic of abortion in general and the impacts on women.

This is a great video for those with concerns about abortion; but also for those involved in helping or ministering to pregnant women. The presentation was given at the annual meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons about a month ago:


2 thoughts on “Outstanding Presentation on the Abortion Pill

  1. Great eye opening presentation by Dr. Skop. The FDA is malevolent. Abortion by any means is wrong and cruel.

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