Alston’s Latest Money Grab

The Rhino Times reports today that he wants cities and towns within Guilford County to contribute monies toward the county schools’ costs.

Translation: he is not satisfied with the enormous contributions of federal, state and county taxpayers. Instead, he wants to find a fourth source of cash– local taxpayers. And taxes continue to get pushed upward.

It apparently never occurred to him to require the county school system to live within its means.

This demand on Skip Alston’s part ought to be dead on arrival.


4 thoughts on “Alston’s Latest Money Grab

  1. And there is also the lottery money.

    Alston is the quintessence of a tax and spend Democrat.

  2. His O2 levels must be low, causing crazy demands for those around him and throwing money at a broken system expecting a different outcome. Therefore, his CO2 emission must be lower than the average person, so there is that….
    On the other hand, those that recognize throwing money at a broken system and expecting a different outcome is considered moronic, show higher levels of O2 concentration. Yet that means their CO2 emission are higher and contributing to the earths demise…doh

    1. I can imagine the leaders in Summerfield and Oak Ridge are going to be absolutely thrilled to raise taxes to provide more funding for the schools!

      Have the socialists been acknowledging or claiming that climate change is causing them to become more crazy? Maybe we need to find out! 🙂

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