2 thoughts on “One Of The Ways Government Censors Conservative Viewpoints

  1. https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2023/11/top-whistleblower-makes-explosive.html

    Top Whistleblower Makes Explosive Revelations Dubbed CTIL Files Regarding Secret Anti-Disinformation Group Created For Censorship Purposes

    Journalists like Michael Shellenberger uncovered how the CTIL, initially portrayed as a volunteer group, was linked to government agencies in the U.S. and UK.
    Investigations confirmed CTIL’s role in shaping narratives and suppressing information, impacting major events like Trump’s election and Brexit.
    The findings highlight the extensive collaboration between government, media, and private sectors in controlling online discourse and information.
    A top whistleblower is bringing to attention a revolutionizing array of secret documents that could even serve as competition for Twitter Files and even Facebook Files.

    Prominent journalist Michael Shellenberger put out his latest investigation on this front and how his latest CTIL files were put together with the help of fellow colleagues..


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