The DeSantis/ Newsom Debate

This was billed as a classic comparison of conservative vs. socialist governance.

I did not get to see the debate. Clay and Buck were gushing moments ago over DeSantis’ whipping Newsom.

I had been hearing for a long time about the fact that Gavin Newsom is such a skilled politician; and that he is formidable. But he presides over a one-party state and has not had to face any meaningful opposition. DeSantis is a good debater– not great– and his facial expressions are sometimes self-defeating. But the facts were on his side last night:


2 thoughts on “The DeSantis/ Newsom Debate

    1. I would have liked to watch, Fred, but could not because I cut the cable years ago. Clay and Buck said that Politico reported it got so bad for Newsom that his wife stepped in and prevented them from going into overtime.

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