2 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Theorist

  1. When I saw the name Uluru , Australia came to mind. I have been to Uluru
    ( Ayers Rock ) . Thus I did some research on this issue . Apparently it was a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution. It was rejected in 2017..

    While in Australia in 2002 I also visited the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park in Cairns. The Park is a very unique aboriginal cultural experience place like taking a time machine back to Australia in ancient times.

    There are demonstrations of weapons and hunting equipment used by the Chapukai warriors, and boomerangs .Throw with spears (javelins) and enjoy diverse Aboriginal arts, chapkai dances, didgeridoo performances, a traditional instrument, and more.

    Back then I guess the question was dormant.

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