The Cashless Society and the “Mark of the Beast”

Who knew that places like Australia and Sweden would be the places where the push toward a cashless society would first achieve fruition? (HT: Revolver News)

And Joe Rogan understandably likens this to the Mark of the Beast described in the Book of Revelation:


2 thoughts on “The Cashless Society and the “Mark of the Beast”

  1. Yup… Cash is becoming obsolete. Whether or not that is a bad thing, I am undecided. I do know that if you make only minimum payments on your credit card , you will be paying the balance off in 20 or more years.

    1. Reliance on digital payments invites the dark forces to “cancel” our ability to conduct transactions and buy the things we need. I think people should pay cash whenever possible– especially for purchases that are not in excess of $20, for instance.

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