Friendly Avenue Rezoning Developer Makes Minimal Concession

Readers will recall we had posted about the rezoning proposal for Friendly Avenue. Recall that the gentleman who used to run the Jewish school on Jefferson Rd. that is being turned into an illegal immigrant facility is the owner of the property and the developer.

He had initially proposed 26 units for the small piece of land. It sits between the Westminster Presbyterian Church and the fire station.

The community group Preserve Friendly Avenue reports that he has amended his proposal. He is now asking for “only” 22 units. He still plans a minimal setback from the road.

Greed is a powerful motivator. Apparently there is no remorse over wrecking folks’ neighborhood.

A zoning commission meeting will be taking place soon.


2 thoughts on “Friendly Avenue Rezoning Developer Makes Minimal Concession

  1. The Preserve Friendly Ave. group appears to be taking all the necessary steps to prevent the despoliation of their neighborhood. I guess it will be decided Nov. 20th

  2. Fred, I had heard about the group’s efforts to create some kind of preservation district that would prevent this type of thing from happening. Apparently the developer is trying to beat them to the punch, before they can make this happen.

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