Speaker Mike Johnson’s Covenant Marriage

Many years ago, I had written at my previous blog about the concept of Covenant Marriage. It turns out that the new US House Speaker– Mike Johnson– is from Louisiana. That state allows married couples to enter into a Covenant Marriage commitment under the law. Speaker Johnson and his wife have made this type of legal commitment.

What is Covenant Marriage? It is a promise made to stay with one’s spouse. If a couple enters into this type of marriage, there are only very limited circumstances that would justify ending the marriage.

This is an excellent idea given the amount of unjustifiable divorce that takes place. But of course, Johnson is being derided by the media/left complex because of his Covenant Marriage.

This type of legal structure supporting marriage is an excellent idea. We ought to have it in North Carolina. Currently, only three states have this provision under state law.


2 thoughts on “Speaker Mike Johnson’s Covenant Marriage

  1. Sounds like an excellent idea.

    My wife’s younger sister married a college classmate who turned out to be a real jerk . The marriage ended in divorce.

    Years later she met and fell in love with a man who was catholic. Boy O’ Boy did she ever have to go through a maze of hoops required by the church to marry him. That seems to be similar to the Covenant Marriage.

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