4 thoughts on “Gaetz Victory Lap

  1. Well it almost done. I don’t like these internecine circular shootouts.

    Here is Scott Johnson’s take on the Coup d’état:



    I turn to the oracular Bob Dylan writing in William Blake’s prophetic mode for commentary on the deposition of Speaker Kevin McCarthy by Matt Gaetz and a few Republican colleagues joined by every House Democrat:

    All and all can only fall
    With a crashing but meaningless blow
    No sound ever comes from the Gates of Eden

    Well, we hear the sound coming from the Gaetz of Eden. There’s no avoiding it. Otherwise, pretty good.

    The sound coming from Gaetz purports to explain his rationale for the deposition of McCarthy. I think his true rationale is an ulterior purpose serving Matt Gaetz.

    Listening to Gaetz leaves me wondering if the Biden Department of Justice might have chosen to leave Gaetz at large so he can continue to do his thing inside the Republican Party. His thing seems to serve the Democrats’ purpose as they understand their purpose. Listening to Gaetz could be making me stupid, but that’s a conspiracy theory of my own that is beginning to make sense to me. I had a pretty good fix on the opening of the Gaetz of Eden when I wrote about “The humiliation of Kevin McCarthy” this past January.


  2. Republican House complicit in $2,200,000,000,000 deficit in a non-recession year. That’s McCarthy. 3 cheers Gaetz. One Republican with gonads.

    1. Healey, there is no other way to interpret the situation except for what you point out– the the House GOP and McCarthy had been complicit in $2 Trillion dollar deficits, locking in Covid levels of spending and Biden’s Building Back Better/ Green New Deal/ Great Reset. They have been awful.

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