Covid Vaccines Damage Hearts

Several days ago, a revelation was reported regarding the Covid vaccines and heart damage.

It has been known for a long time that these vaccines can cause myocarditis that damages heart muscle. Now, a radiology journal has published a study that tested each participant with a special scan. Dye uptake during the scan demonstrates the heart inflammation/damage taking place.

Some of these people probably had subclinical damage. In other words, they had mild damage that caused no symptoms. But some had more serious permanent damage. And it appears there was little doubt the vaccines caused the problems.

One problem is that the heart damage caused by the vaccines can cause a lethal heart rhythm abnormality. But if severe enough, the damage can cause congestive heart failure.

It was also interesting to see it asserted that the Moderna causes more damage than the Pfizer vaccine because it represents a higher dose.

This is a study that shows the damage taking place. It is a big deal.


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