2 thoughts on “NC Mom At School Board Meeting

  1. I saw this lady’s remarks on several national TV broadcasts. She has got the fire in the belly.

    She didn’t hem, haw or read from a script. She is brilliant and universal. She is so right!!! God bless her for having the courage to call these people out.

    Her words make me wonder if a major motivation for these policies guaranteed to enrage parents is motivated by a desire to simply distract parents from the 50% failure rate she cites.

    1. Good question, Fred, although I suspect these people within the school systems truly believe in this LGBTQ nonsense and all the cultural Marxism.

      This lady describes a utilitarian purpose for education– to prepare for a career– although some of us would argue it is more than that. Education is supposed to make us able to discern what is true and good and beautiful. It is supposed to teach us how to think. Nonetheless, she is on target with respect to challenging the mediocrity and the moral corruption within these public school systems.

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