Leftist Institutions Devising “End Run” Around Affirmative Action Ruling

Many of us were gratified when the Supreme Court issued its ruling against affirmative action a couple of months ago. Recall that UNC-Chapel Hill was one of the defendants that lost the case.

Do No Harm is reporting that institutions are devising at least a couple of strategies to get around these rulings. These include the following:

  1. Requiring that applicants complete a “diversity statement” from which certain clues about the applicant’s race or ethnicity can be inferred;
  2. Accreditation bodies can require extra efforts toward recruitment and retention of favored minorities.

I do not know what UNC Chapel Hill is doing at this point, although it seems nearly certain that the leftists running that institution will try something. And the Republican-controlled UNC Board of Governors will likely do little to stop it.


2 thoughts on “Leftist Institutions Devising “End Run” Around Affirmative Action Ruling

  1. Well, I expect the UNC Board of Governors SHOULD do something to stop it. This was predicted and openly discussed prior to the SCOTUS decision.

    1. Yes, they should, Fred. Based on past experience with this Board, that seems questionable as to whether that will truly happen. But the left is very crafty, and to beat them, you have to be determined to do so.

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