Migrant Protests on Staten Island

Reports suggested the City of New York called in 300 police officers to respond to the most recent protests this past week. They arrested approximately 10 individuals. Observers were quick to point out the city’s non-response during the George Floyd riots three years ago, and the disparity in treatment these protesters received on Staten Island compared with the BLM/ Antifa rioters.

I have had family and friends in the Midland Beach neighborhood discussed below where one of the migrant shelters is being set up:


3 thoughts on “Migrant Protests on Staten Island

  1. Mayor Adams is whining. Governor Hochul is begging Biden for help She said she talked about a host of issues, with the president, ranging from more shelters on federal land to more federal aid, it remains to be seen whether the check will be in the mail.

    The solution is easy… close the freaking border.

    1. I didn’t know, Fred, that was part of Wilson’s pitch. In the broad scope of history, it seems he could only make a slight dent in the problem, even in California.

      As you know, Fred, the socialists don’t want solutions. Instead, they want power and money.

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