2 thoughts on “The Christian Virtue To Control Spending

  1. Brat’s message is worthwhile. He asserts that culture matters in economic markets. He believes that the culture that produced Adam Smith was a Protestant culture, and that the ethics of that culture are important in understanding market efficiency. Brat has advocated that Christians should forcefully support free-market capitalism and behave altruistically, in the manner of Jesus, so that we would not need the government to backstop every action we take.

    Brat is well versed in the discipline of the dismal science… economics. In fact prior to to his election to congress he was appointed by Democrat Virginia governor Tim Kaine to the Governor’s Advisory Board of Economists.

  2. Brat has definitely struck the right chord with this particular interview, Fred. Republican and conservative voters are perennially frustrated with Republicans’ lack of resolve on spending and many other issues. He identifies the source of the problem. They could be doing a whole lot better than they are, except for the fact that many of them are spiritually lost and lack Christian virtue.

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