“Sanctuary City” Resists Migrant Facility

Mayor Eric Adams in New York steadfastly maintains the city’s “sanctuary city” status. They can no longer absorb the continuous flow of illegal immigrants in Manhattan, so they are pushing them to the outer boroughs.

St. John Villa was a Catholic high school on Staten Island that closed several years ago because of insufficient numbers of paying customers. Adams moved to put the illegal migrants in that building; but Staten Island’s Republican leaders obtained a court order to stop it:


2 thoughts on ““Sanctuary City” Resists Migrant Facility

  1. Don’t say you are a sanctuary city if you don’t really mean it, Tuff stuff !

    1. I hear from reader Leon, Fred, that Staten Island’s congresswoman is floating secession from NYC over this issue.

      (BTW, I went to high school with Fossella’s sister. Vito Fossella is the Staten Island Borough President in the video and a former disgraced congressman. His dad used to be the ferry commissioner years ago).

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