The Upcoming Covid Mess

There have been various signals over the last week that the political left and their appendages are getting ready to ramp up the Covid hysteria and failed countermeasures once again.

Gail McCrae is a nurse from California who worked in the hospital setting through the first half of the Covid pandemic past the time that the vaccines were introduced. This is an excellent interview. While there are a couple of minor inaccuracies, and one or two statements that don’t apply necessarily to our situation in North Carolina, it is otherwise an insightful recounting of all that occurred. Much of what she describes took place in hospital systems throughout the Piedmont Triad including Cone, Atrium/ Wake Forest Baptist, Novant and UNC.

I am not hearing anything yet about Covid measures being forced in North Carolina once again. We shall see. But in the meantime, this interview is lengthy, but worth your time if you feel inclined to listen. Don’t let them do this again:


4 thoughts on “The Upcoming Covid Mess

  1. That was an absolutely informative and at the same time chilling interview . The use of and results from using remdesivir ( at $3500 a dose )as described by that nurse was highly questionable if not criminal.

    Her personal experiences with adverse reactions from mRNA injections and the lack of reporting is gravely disturbing

    Let’s hope that the public won’t be fooled again by the bureaucratic fear mongering, mandates and misinformation and that health care workers stand up and be counted against protocols that are misguided .

    For sure, Gail McCrae’s integrity was not compromised.



    News reports indicate that a new variant of covid–now, basically the common cold–is in the air. Some people are alarmed. Driving to work this morning, I passed a young woman walking by herself, outdoors, no one within a block of her. She was wearing a mask.

    Are we about to enter a new era of shutdowns, masks and general hysteria? If governments try to impose such neo-fascist measures, will citizens comply, or will they rebel? On that last point, neither polls nor election results offer much comfort. I believe that all of the governors who imposed the worst covid damages on their people were re-elected.

    This mashup video is a good reminder of how covid hysteria took off the first time around. The World Health Organization was a prime source of misinformation, which our liberal media were happy to shove down our throats:

  3. Fred, Ms. McCrae’s heart is definitely in the right place.

    Governor Cooper does not have the same unilateral extended power he had three years ago. Now, after a relatively brief emergency period, the Council of State would have to agree to any extended measures. I hope that protects us.

  4. With respect to the quoted 3.4% fatality rate in that video, the early published estimates were even higher than that. But let’s recall the history. Republican US Senators began applying pressure for Trump to hand over control over the Covid-19 response to Fauci. And that’s when the whole thing spiraled out of control.

    Communist China was circulating fake videos of people dropping dead in the streets, and began lockdown measures. The western world– including the US– then emulated the response of communist China.

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