Here is a link to the website for an organization called NewChurches. You can see there some of the people associated with this.

The SBC is unfortunately on a steep downhill course.

Check out this promotional video. The mindset behind it is quite faulty. HT: Dissenter:


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  1. TC: Schisms in the world of religion have been with us since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany containing revolutionary opinions that would begin the Protestant Reformation.

    I don’t understand the complaint against Stetzer. I stumbled on this video of him.

    I only know what my limited research tells me:

    Stetzer is Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College and Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. He became the Dean of Talbot School of Theology in July of 2023. He is also He is the North American Regional Director for Lausanne International

    Sorry but I guess I am missing something . Help me out.

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