The Trump Indictments

Last night, we learned of a new set of indictments of Donald Trump; and there may be more to come.

Tucker Carlson began posting videos on the web after he was sidelined by Fox News. One of these postulated that Trump was being targeted by the Deep State and the “national security state” because of his anti-war, anti-military intervention stance. I think Carlson’s video is true in part, but there are also other issues that have led to these indictments.

First, we must understand that the drive to indict and imprison Trump is a democratic socialist effort to prevent him from becoming President once again. Yes, the Deep State is involved, but this is also an inherently and brazenly political project.

Second, the globalist donor class animates the actions of the socialists and the Deep State in targeting Trump. His positions against open borders and free trade threatened the donor class and made him a target since the moment he descended the escalator during 2015.

Third, this is a Jewish effort to a significant extent. The progressive-leaning group of Jewish Americans who detest Trump overlaps significantly with the democratic socialist crowd and the globalist donor class highlighted in the first two points above. Remember that this group provides 50 percent of the donations to the Democratic Party; and heavily populates both the Biden administration and both halls of Congress on the left side of the aisle.

American Jews are particularly aggrieved by Trump’s stance against open borders and illegal immigration. Why? They had adopted as a political strategy massive migration to dilute the White Christian majority, to protect themselves, and to accrue more power. These migrants conveniently would be Democratic votes.

Fourth, some of his opponents are triggered by his manner of speech and the content of his speech. Trump is culturally incompatible with the various elites.

Fifth, many other commentators have observed since the news yesterday the pattern of indictments immediately following major revelations about Joe Biden’s corruption. There is almost a tit-for-tat aspect to these indictments as if the socialists are retaliating for attacks against Biden.

One last comment is appropriate about the “Deep State”. Nearly all of these folks at the highest levels are Obama and Biden appointees, and are therefore democratic socialists.

Are they targeting Trump because he is the purest conservative? Absolutely not. He advocated big government, big spending and a robust federal role as president. He is weak on LGBTQ issues. He delivered poor policy on several fronts. His Supreme Court nominees delivered the reversal of Roe v. Wade and affirmative action, but have been equivocal on many other issues. Yet, his opponents in the GOP presidential primaries do not necessarily offer a better profile.

It has become a repeated Republican/conservative talking point to discuss the “two tiers of justice” and the “weaponization” of the FBI and DOJ. We have heard those words over and over again. But many Republicans have been reticent about doing anything about it, and offer a lackluster response to the ruthlessness of the socialists.

I cannot even remotely predict what is going to happen. But what is happening in our country is truly awful.


2 thoughts on “The Trump Indictments

  1. From Scott Johnson at Power Line:


    Krazy-Eyez Killa Jack Smith announced the the election-related indictment of Donald Trump yesterday. Listening to his brief statement , I learn that it was just unsealed. Killa must have had it ready to go for some time. He appears to have had it filed and unsealed in response to the testimony of Devon Archer before the House Oversight Committee the day before. Something tells me that the indictment has more to do with politics than law.

    We are inundated with commentary on the indictment by many who have no idea what they are talking about. I am not going to contribute to it without further thought and study.

    I will just observe that Trump’s alleged lying about the results of the 2020 election seems to be an essential element of some if not all of the counts. See, for example, paragraph 2 of the indictment at the bottom of John’s post here. If making knowingly false statements makes out the state of mind element of the crimes charge, it cuts a wide swath through our system. However, we know this door only swings one way.

    United States v. Trump is an unprecedented case. I doubt that the laws Trump is charged with violating have ever been applied in this fashion before. As is Killa’s wont, he has a novel theory or two or three up his sleeve. In this case they are meant to elevate Trump and have him put away by an impartial jury of District of Columbia Dems.

    The indictment includes allegations involving six co-conspirators. The co-conspirators remain unidentified and uncharged in the indictment. All but one have been identified. They include Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman. One is left to wonder if they will be charged. Killa’s statement is silent on this point.

    However, Killa says he seeks a speedy trial. Maybe he should have brought the charges sooner. Maybe he should have exercised his discretion to stand down. Maybe he should have left the issues to Congress and the American people.

    This is a sad day and a sad season for the United States. Those in power act with no concern to the profound damage they do. They are not oblivious. They just don’t care. They are in power and they mean to keep it that way. That is one aspect of the indictment that may reflect some projection on the part of the authorities.

    1. Fred, I agree with that article.

      What concerns me is the judge appointed to this case, and the fact it will be tried in the DC area. The judge is a far-left Obama appointee who has dealt with January 6 defendants very harshly. There is no guarantee that justice will be done.

      These people are utterly detestable. There is definitely a demonic element to what they are doing.

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