Guilford School Board Sued Over Involuntary Covid Vaccine

There was an interesting article at Carolina Journal recently.

It seems that a 14 year old football player at Western Guilford High School was vaccinated against Covid-19 without the parents’ consent. The clinic where this happened was operated by the Old North State Medical Society– a black physicians’ group in North Carolina. The young man was only supposed to get a Covid testnot the vaccine. This huge mistake happened on school grounds; and the medical society was running the clinic on behalf the county school system.

Unless this young man had multiple risk factors for Covid (which seems doubtful given the fact he was a football player), then the medical society committed overt malpractice. The young man, in that event, did not even remotely need the vaccine.

When I went through training, I was taught we must obtain consent to examine and treat patients and do procedures. Why? Because if you have physical contact with someone else, it is considered a battery— a type of assault– if there is no consent.

It appears this instance was a battery committed on this young man. The article does not indicate that he suffered any complications. If that is the case, let’s hope that he continues to escape the various adverse effects associates with the Covid vaccines.

I don’t know what the outcome of this lawsuit will be. But if justice were served, this family would win.


2 thoughts on “Guilford School Board Sued Over Involuntary Covid Vaccine

  1. It will be an interesting case. I maybe reading this wrong but it appears that state law allows for minor children to consent to the COVID vaccine.

    Glad the young man had no short term adverse reactions. Long term iks another question.

    Last year a Federal Judge ruled that it was impressionable for schools to give the COVID vaccine to school children without parental consent.

    1. This was obviously a major screw-up, Fred. But it is also indicative of the way that the Covid vaccine has been handled by authorities and the health care industry because the informed consent process has been given short shrift nationwide from the outset. This case was just more egregious.

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