Recent SBC News

I could not help but notice a few items at The Dissenter during the last couple of weeks regarding the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC):

  1. The evangelism director for the state convention in Pennsylvania has asserted that social justice benefits must be provided in order for recipients to attain salvation.
  2. Brent Leatherwood, the leader of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, recently paid for the funeral of the transgender person who committed the mass shooting at the Christian school in Tennessee. However, he did not pay for the funeral of any of the victims, at least a couple of whom were minorities or who did not have enormous resources. He had previously used his position with the SBC to advocate for tighter gun control in that state in response to the mass shooting.
  3. A woman associated with that same Commission– Kelly Rosati– made the statement that we cannot restrict abortion without having an elaborate welfare state in place.

What is the sum total of stories such as these? We are seeing a mindset adopted by key people within the SBC– and communicated to the general public– that is utter garbage.

Southern Baptists need to be very concerned.


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