America’s Current Marxist Revolution, Part 2

A couple of days ago, I excerpted a passage from a recent column by Pastor Chuck Baldwin asserting that we are in the midst of a Marxist revolution in the United States.

The events of 2020– and especially the violence instigated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa– left many people befuddled. However, those who have been studying these matters for some time recognize that it was the culmination of efforts pushed by the American left for many years.

Mao Tse Tung instituted a Cultural Revolution in China long after he took power. You can read this Wikipedia entry to learn what took place. Some have argued we are also undergoing a cultural revolution of sorts. When we see all that is happening around us– in education, in religious denominations, in the corporate world, in families, in government and on the streets– this explanation makes sense.

Christopher Rufo was interviewed by Steve Bannon yesterday on this topic. Take the time to watch and listen, in two parts:


2 thoughts on “America’s Current Marxist Revolution, Part 2

  1. I watched both videos. I take pride in being up to date on the forces that are trying to take America into the Marxist workers paradise. Ruffo explains it clearly and in terms most folks can understand. What they have done with The New College of Florida is a blueprint that other Governors and legislatures can follow.
    Sadly California, Illinois, New York and other blue states are, I fear, beyond any hope for redemption. Some may say the good guys are tilting at windmills but I don’t think so. At least never, never give up the fight.

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