Cone Health System Sued Over Transgender Treatments Later Regretted

The details are found here.

Prisha Mosley transitioned from female to “male” as a teenager. She had hormone treatments and also a double mastectomy.

A physician who has worked for the Cone Health System is named as a defendant. Also named is Moses Cone Medical Services– a subsidiary of the system that presumably has employed this physician. It appears from the complaint that at least one medical resident was involved in the care of this patient under the direction of the physician.

The treatments apparently began around age 17. The complaint also alleges at least at one point that the parents were not entirely involved in the gender-related “care”.

If the facts of this case are as alleged in the lawsuit, it appears that profound moral and ethical errors were committed; and in that event, I hope that justice is done.


7 thoughts on “Cone Health System Sued Over Transgender Treatments Later Regretted

  1. At the risk of redundancy I’ll post the same medical ethics questions from another thread:

    “If a patient goes to a physician with a mental illness-induced fantasy which completely controls his life, should the physician treat the mental illness, or mutilate the patient’s body to try and match the fantasy?”

    Sadly, it appears the decision here was to take the latter action.

    1. I wonder if a psychiatrist was involved as the case was progressing to transgender transitioning. It appears at least some of the mental health problems, at some point, were treated by the primary care physician– the pediatrician.

      Of course, having a psychiatrist involved would not have guaranteed the case would be handled better.

  2. As regards “transitioning” I’d submit there is no such thing, as genes can’t be changed. It’s merely sophisticated masquerading.
    Thank goodness the kid didn’t fantasize she was “My Little Pony” or I guess she’d have gotten two extra legs and a bushy tail.

  3. This all appears to be wrong. I am sorry for what happened to Ms. Mosley. I hope, at least, she has a big payday.

  4. Jaycee, your questions are relevant because they illustrate the absurdity. If she had fantasized she were an elephant, would they have had to give her a trunk?

    Fred, let’s pray that we see God’s justice play out in the courts.

  5. And another sad story here:

    “I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is so great. I’m locked in my transition… But then everything started to crack and I couldn’t ignore the complications,” Kobe said. “I couldn’t ignore that I mutilated myself pretty much with the permission of a psychiatrist. It’s insane now, looking back. It’s just self-harm, you know.”

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