Censoring and Vilifying RFK, Jr.

The progressive/socialist crowd has been attacking RFK, Jr. over the last week. He is charged with antisemitism because he stated that the Covid-19 virus hurt whites and blacks more that it hurt Asians and Jews. It has been a longstanding practice that people who make essentially true statements are charged with antisemitism if it arouses Jewish hypersensitivities.

We must note that, years ago, Jewish Americans were once enormous supporters of the Kennedy’s.

RFK, Jr. has also been censored for years on social media because he spoke truthfully about Covid and the Covid vaccines.

Democrats today tried to censor him by preventing him from speaking before a House committee. But they failed. Here is his opening statement, which is fairly remarkable:


3 thoughts on “Censoring and Vilifying RFK, Jr.

  1. Indeed those were extraordinary and striking remarks underscoring the importance of the 1ST amendment. I don’t think “they ” are going to be able to silence him. Pass the popcorn,,,,,

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