The Independence Day Free Speech Decision

It was very unexpected that, during the July 4 holiday weekend, a federal judge would deliver a stunning decision.

The Biden Administration and numerous individuals and agencies within the federal government were openly rebuked for violating the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech on matters related to Covid-19. And the judge issued an order that they cannot communicate with social media companies to censor us and limit freedom of speech.

We all knew this had been happening. But when Elon Musk took over Twitter and revealed to the public how extensive it was, how casually they would dispense with constitutional rights, and how methodically it was pursued, it surprised most of us with regard to the utter shamelessness of the participants.

But we must remember– they are socialists, after all.

Now, let’s take the discussion to another level.

Sure, the judge stopped them, belatedly. But these awful people were able to do enormous damage. And because they are shameless, there face no real consequences. For them, this is a mere slap on the wrist… a mere bump on the road to utopia.

These people need to face real accountability. The justice system needs to assure they make restitution to society.

Options? Long stretches in prison. Public hangings. Blistering fines.

It’s time to get serious.


2 thoughts on “The Independence Day Free Speech Decision

  1. Our freedoms have been already seriously eroded . Good for the Judge, but there always seems to be an appellate court they will do the socialists bidding. This will probably reach SCOTUS .

    1. I agree, Fred. The consolation is that this particular judge has given the GOP-appointed Supremes ample material to utilize. Let’s hope they don’t squander this opportunity to reaffirm our civil liberties.

      And these folks need to be prosecuted who took these liberties away.

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