3 thoughts on “Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and the Hospital Systems’ Profit Motive for Offering Transgender Treatment

  1. Will we ever get back to the point where our medical actions are controlled purely by medical professionals and not by profit centers (drug companies, insurance companies, hospitals)? Money is certainly the root of evil here.

  2. Fred, Dr. Grossman spoke with NC Physicians for Freedom several months ago. She does a good job laying out the issues.

    John, unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Physicians have elected to become employed by hospital systems and corporate medical practices instead of taking the more challenging road of private practice for various reasons. Until this trend reverses to a great extent– and until truly independent physicians regain control of medical affairs within hospitals and hospital systems– I am afraid we will see more of the same. We have not had those conditions for many years.

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