What Will General Assembly Do About Summerfield/ David Couch Matter?

We have posted previously here about the proposal by David Couch to build multifamily housing on his land in Summerfield. This would require zoning changes.

He was very aware of the zoning that existed at the time he acquired the land. Since then, I am told, the zoning has been liberalized; and efforts have been made to accommodate him.

In any case, given the fact that he has now sought “de-annexation” of this land from Summerfield and into Greensboro, all eyes are now on the Republicans who control the North Carolina General Assembly.

Couch has made certain political donations. It would appear that grants him access.

But will the General Assembly act?

The irony is that the Raleigh Republicans will need to stab their base in the back if they agree to this. Places like Summerfield tend to vote Republican much more than democratic socialist.

Moreover, there are some wealthy folks who live in Summerfield. Some of these possess the financial firepower to elect and defeat political candidates. It remains to be seen whether they would use this power to retaliate against Republicans who would facilitate de-annexation.

But if the Raleigh Republicans de-annex, it will give Republicans a black eye in the eyes of conservative Guilford County residents for some time– those who live in places like Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale and Brown Summit.

I think if the Republicans in Raleigh push through this de-annexation, then they merit whatever consequences may follow.


2 thoughts on “What Will General Assembly Do About Summerfield/ David Couch Matter?

  1. As a practical matter I don’t think Berger et. al. could care less about the consequences of de-annexation . Looking at the results of the 2022 election in Guilford County , no Republican won hardly more than 40% of their races against Democrats. So again why would the GOP care about the consequences.

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