The Canada Wildfires Were NOT Due to Climate Change

When I learned about the massive wildfires in Quebec clouding the skies in New York and elsewhere, it seemed fairly strange. We had heard for many years about wildfires out west– in California and elsewhere– but hardly ever in Quebec.

The corrupt media and notably Chuck Schumer immediately attributed it to “climate change”. That was obviously wrong, but they stated it with an absolute sense of certainty.

It was pretty clear to me that the fires had been set intentionally. While it is true that excessive undergrowth in forests can contribute to fires proliferating– and it was certainly possible that Canada had been lax in managing its forests and conducting “controlled burns”– even then, it seemed there had to be a trigger.

Check out this video from Benny Johnson which demonstrates the fires began simultaneously:

In addition, here is an article that purports multiple arsonists have been arrested in connection with these fires. Indeed, there is such a creature as “eco-terrorism”. But it was not beyond the realm of possibility that these fires had been intentionally set for other purposes.

The moral of this story? Don’t believe the corrupt media and the socialists.


2 thoughts on “The Canada Wildfires Were NOT Due to Climate Change

  1. From Jesse Waters:

    “So if you want some statistics, from 1706 to 1910, there have been 20 so-called dark days, or yellow days, where the average people — they don’t have TV back then — go out and then at noon, it’s dark or it’s yellow. And these are phenomena that have happened over the last 200 years, well before the automobile.

    “So this is normal and what they’re doing is they’re preying on ignorance. Not everybody knows that burning forests from Canada has blacked out North America dozens and dozens of times over the last 300 years. They’re banking on people not knowing that.

    “I talked to my meteorological sources. And they said that there are normal temperatures in Canada, normal precipitation in Canada. There has been ordinary weather in May in Canada. This is not some extreme hot winds that has taken over Canada.

    “This is a normal Canadian June that, because of lightning strikes and campers that put out their Camels in a dry bed of poorly managed forests, that’s what’s happening.

    “And so Joe Biden’s taking advantage of this to push the Green New Deal so people like his donors can get paid and not people like ExxonMobil that usually donate to Republicans.” –

  2. I don’t know if we can blame this on lightning strikes and careless campers, Fred. But I agree with the rest of this passage you shared.

    With respect to the second paragraph, I wonder if this type of event happens spontaneously in the western part of Canada to a greater extent than the eastern part. I can’t recall this ever happening in eastern Canada to the extent that it affected created a discolored haze in NY and the east coast of the US.

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