Trump Indictment

There are some good things about former President Trump; and there are also some bad things about him. A balanced view is necessary.

Reasonable observers must agree, however, that Joe Biden’s indictment of Trump today is a major problem. It is a problem from the standpoint of the very integrity of our constitutional Republic; from the standpoint of using structures within the federal government to target political enemies whose agenda is strenuously opposed; and from the standpoint of the socialists’ longstanding effort to cover up and escape the consequences of real crimes. Mike Davis points out that this indictment is the type of action typically undertaken by Marxists.

A couple of reactions– from Alan Dershowitz (who is not a conservative, nor is he a Republican); and also from Mr. Davis:


2 thoughts on “Trump Indictment

  1. This is just a continuation of the deep state’s ploy to get Trump, which started with the Russia collusion hoax in 2016.

    Has anybody heard a word of what Special Counsel Robert Hur is up to in his ” investigation ” of Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Crickets.

    Jim Jordan is probing.

    And good grief … What is going on with the 5 year non-investigation of Hunter Biden ?

  2. Fred, I doubt the DOJ is going to do anything about Hunter Biden or Joe Biden.

    Once again, the socialists are much more ruthless and tenacious and determined than the Republicans. The field is asymmetric.

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