A Baseball Broadcast to Remember

Last night, the Atlanta Braves broadcast booth was occupied by Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. They joined Jeff Francoeur to call the game against the Mets. At one point during the fourth inning, they got Greg Maddux on the phone also.

It was amazing to listen to their stories and to hear them poke fun at each other. Much laughter.

If you have been a Braves fan and did not see it last night, I would encourage you to make an extra effort to find a way to view that broadcast. One of the things they did was to make an attempt at calling home run balls that had been struck:


4 thoughts on “A Baseball Broadcast to Remember

  1. “Pour Larry a crown.” Looks like they had a good time!

    Heck of a comeback, BTW.

    1. They had a great time, Tommy, and I think the audience did, also. They showed some blooper video from when they played, and the commentary and reaction was great fun. Also, they showed great insight with their baseball commentary intermingled with all the “cutting up”.

      They said they might do it again. And it WAS a great comeback by the Braves last night. I think at one point they were down by seven runs.

  2. Growing up in Atlanta ( 1946-1953 ) I was a big fan of the Atlanta Crackers whose home field was Ponce de Leon Park. I fondly remember meeting Eddie Mathews in 1951 ( who would later go on to play for the Atlanta Braves and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame ).

    When the Braves relocated to Atlanta in 1966 I became a fan and of course Mathews was on the roster. I remain a fan today.

    Great video, TC. Thanks for sharing.

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