The Winston-Salem Pride Flag Attack and Flag Burning

The News and Record breathlessly reports today that the pride banner at the Winston-Salem city hall has been attacked. It was apparently slit in half.

Mayor Allen Joines of Winston-Salem is a cultural Marxist, not unlike his counterpart here in Greensboro. He referred to the attack as “an apparent hate crime” according to the News and Record.

This is very interesting.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that burning the American flag is protected speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. (I believe that ruling was in error.) But Mayor Joines rejects the premise that damaging the pride flag is protected speech when he says that tearing it is a hate crime.

Apparently, if you burn the American flag, it cannot be inferred to mean that you hate Americans. Then it would be a “hate crime”– right?

If we lived in a moral and rational world, more pride flags would be burned and torn. Why? Because we need to view its message through the lens of what God would expect; and because all it represents is directly against the best interests of children.


4 thoughts on “The Winston-Salem Pride Flag Attack and Flag Burning

  1. I don’t give a rat’s behind about their damn pride flag. Message to Mayor Joines…
    tell it to somebody who gives a crap.

  2. The rainbow flag is offensive to me in that it represents perversion of basic human conditions. The conditions it represents are abnormal and no amount of demonstrating will make them normal. If it were a call for help, I would be supportive.

    1. Great comments, John. If there were charges associated with this incident, it should be vandalism or that type of thing. This “hate crime” ideology is fraudulent. The rainbow flag merits being destroyed.

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