Raleigh Republicans Promote Gambling on Every Device

We have been eagerly waiting for the Republicans in Raleigh to produce conservative outcomes this legislative session.

A bill passed this week arouses some interest. They passed yet another bill to expand legal gambling in North Carolina. It is pretty clear this legislation is advanced to satisfy those entities that donate to political campaigns. The North Carolina Family Policy Council comments:

House Bill 347 will effectively turn every computer, tablet, mobile phone, and smart TV in North Carolina into a legal gambling device. In addition, North Carolinians—especially our children and young adults—will be inundated with countless ads and promotions for gambling on amateur, electronic, collegiate, and professional sporting events.

As NC Family President John Rustin told lawmakers as HB 347 was being considered in the State House, “Decades of research clearly demonstrates the more prevalent gambling is, and the more forms of gambling that are legalized and advertised, the more citizens will gamble. Of those who do, a significant percentage—typically between 3-5 percent—will develop a problem or pathological gambling issue.”

Conservative estimates suggest that North Carolina can expect to see tens of thousands more of our state’s citizens and their families victimized by gambling addiction if this bill is enacted into law,” Rustin said. “Problem and pathological gambling manifests itself in increases in theft, embezzlement, job loss, personal bankruptcy, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, divorce, and even suicide. This is the human cost of legalized gambling and gambling addiction!”

Regarding North Carolina’s sports heritage, Rustin shared, “House Bill 347 would also degrade our state’s rich heritage in collegiate, amateur, and professional sports, and would authorize our universities and colleges to enter into ‘commercial agreements’ with state-sanctioned gambling bookies to get a cut of the gambling profits.  With the passage of this bill, gambling will become the centerpiece of sports competition in North Carolina, instead of the games themselves.”

Rustin concluded, “Anybody who knows gambling, understands house IS going to take its share and practically everybody else is going to lose. North Carolina should seek ways to make our citizens winners instead of losers!”


4 thoughts on “Raleigh Republicans Promote Gambling on Every Device

  1. When the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a 1992 law that bans sports betting in most states, it was inevitable that North Carolina would consider this enterprise.

    There is already the Education lottery and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort.

    There is a significant down side to this gambling bill , as the NC Family Council points out, but that didn’t stop the pols in Raleigh from enacting it.

    1. We also have the new Caesar’s casino in Danville, Fred.

      I agree with your comments. It is pretty tragic that the people who are going to be hurt are those in the lower half of the economic spectrum– i.e., those who can least afford losses, and who put the largest portion of their assets and earnings at risk. Spouses, kids and families are hurt by this…

  2. The education of the electorate is essential. Even most conservatives aren’t really watching what an educated electorate should be. They get involved with every pop up grassroots movement that claims to hate the establishment based on some hot button issue but when you but actual education in front of them, they bristle and claim it’s a waste of time.

    Until conservatives unite in watching the actual constitutional voting records of every legislator and creating an environment where they can’t get elected for even minor violations of the Constitution, they will continue slicing tentacles off a monster (and it has a headquarters and publication) that can grow ten tentacles in its place.

    1. You are absolutely right, Shawn, that vigilance is needed. But I think it goes beyond examining voting records. That is a worthwhile exercises. But when horrible bills arise such as this one, the populace needs to arise and snuff it out. The level of engagement is very low, however– as you suggest– and also, many people are morally and ethically confused. Many people think lots of gambling, available everywhere, is a great thing.

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