Dr. Mandy Cohen’s CDC Appointment: The Ability to Deceive

Over the last couple of days since I posted about the fact that Joe Biden appointed former NC DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen to be the new CDC director, there has been some reaction on national sites on the internet.

Of course, Mandy Cohen was North Carolina’s Lockdown Queen. She unscientifically and unethically shut down large portions of the state’s businesses and social interactions for prolonged periods of time. She kept churches closed until the federal courts stopped her from doing so. She locked people up in their homes with stay-at-home orders. She played fast and loose with citizens’ constitutional rights and civil liberties. It was an awful chapter in our state’s history because it was all SO unnecessary, harmful and counter-productive.

It was very interesting to see that, since this appointment was reported, a couple of other articles linked to a Twitter video in which she spoke. The video depicts her gloating about shutting down outdoor football games even though it was highly unscientific to do so. She reveals one of her methods for making decisions was to consult with other state health directors. Take a listen to the brief video:

It is pretty clear to me why she was chosen. The democratic socialists first and foremost value leaders who are able to lie in a credible fashion. Bill Clinton, of course, was the master at this particular skill. But Obama was adept at lying also.

Mandy Cohen was very good in front of a camera and was able to deceive Republicans in the General Assembly; the regional media; and large portions of the population. She was able to schmooze with them and charm them out of their stockings. She was thereby able to get them to accept falsehoods. I will leave it to the reader to decide whether her actions were to further a larger agenda or set of agendas of which she was part.

But I believe her ability to deceive the public is the reason she was chosen.

Among the national sites commenting on her appointment are the Washington Examiner; the Gateway Pundit; the Second Smartest Guy in the World; the New York Post; and Dr. Paul Alexander’s Substack. Click the links to see what they each have to say.


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  1. Cohen was an unelected bureaucrat whose policies did enormous harm to the people of North Carolina. But as I said earlier the CDC director position does not require Senate approval so it looks like she has got the job for the next 17 months.

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